Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a creative spark

Action anthropology—a creative spark of social science

My university studies of action anthropology began as a student of Dr. Karl Schlesier. He hired me as work/study research assistant, also for Dr. Dorothy Billings.

In fieldwork, I recorded an interview with Edward Red Hat, Keeper of the Cheyenne Sacred Arrows. I asked what message he would give students. The transcript of his response “Message from the Tsistsistas-Cheyenne Arrow Keeper, Edward Red Hat, I, To All students” is on the wikidot link:

My first thesis Notes from the Tipi compiled literary and theoretical background of action anthropology. My graduate thesis showed the application and results of action anthropology with the Southern Cheyenne up to 1980. This I learned by doing—theory and practice, what has become essentially Service Learning the history of a bioregion. http://www.angelfire.com/ks2/hipp/

1976          Linda E. Davis, Notes from the Tipi. Honors Thesis. Wichita State University

1980          Linda E. Davis, The Southern Cheyenne Research and Human Development Association, Incorporated, 1972-1980, MA Thesis, Wichita State University